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About the artist

Encouraged from a very early age to draw, formal lessons began at six years old, the artist got the Art Scholarship to Benenden School, and resumed painting seriously in 1970, married and living in New York. This city with its vibrant energy, cosmopolitan life and serious attitude towards the Arts, had a massive impact on the 20 year old, and it was here that Art regained an important part in her life, which has only grown over a long career, whichever way Life twisted and turned.

At first, the influence of the Impressionists gave way to the Post Impressionists, in particular Seurat. However, the artist never embraced his strict adherence to primary colours and her own palette evolved of colours that "jumped" when used in juxtaposition with one another. The aim was to "bring Life to the picture plane". The small dots of vibrant but subtle colours appear to dance, like atoms, and outlines are dissolved as they are when viewed by the human eye, not the lens or a camera.

The second, but equally important, aim of the artist, is to achieve maximum atmospheric dynamism, which has to be strictly organised to achieve the harmony which is the other aim of the artist. Therefore, vertical energy is balanced against horizontal energy, and the direction of the energetic atoms flows in an eternal race in one direction, but never escaping the boundaries of the composition.

In 1996, the next major leap came when the artist found that the desire for breaking out into new pastures was now overwhelming, and the dots overnight were magnified by six to ten times in size. This is seen in the large portrait of Mrs Anthony Foyle and her children. The new challenges presented immediately by such a development were both invigorating and exciting and have been categorised by the brilliant figure in European Art of Mr. Ivo Bouwman, from Holland, as "Chromoluminarism" in his introduction before Victoria's exhibition with him, in the Hague, in 2012.

So, I am now a "Chromoluminarist", and having looked up this definition in the dictionary, I find that it is extremely apt!

Victoria lives in Roxburghshire with her Dutch husband, Jos Kersbergen and their black labrador, Max. She has two sons and two stepsons.